Hart's Butchers

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By Hazel Dolling

My mother, Eva Mower, was born in Tilbury in 1917 and lived there until 1940.  Hart's butchers shop was situated in Calcutta Road. In this photo you can see part of the sign for Cramphorn Ltd seed merchant, the shop next door.

This page was added by Hazel Dolling on 09/06/2013.
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My father managed Harts through 50s-70s. He also worked in the St Chads Road shop, the branch in Chadwell and in Linford.

By Frederick Wood
On 08/07/2014

Who are the gentlemen in this photo ? I have a photo postcard of two men and a steer marked W.J hart  butcher 8-10 New Road Grays Essex

By David Hart
On 01/11/2014

Could you tell me the date of this photo, please. My grandfather worked in a butcher's shop in Tilbury in the 1890s. I am working on his memoirs, and would be very interested to know if this was the shop he worked in. If so, please could I copy it, into his memoirs. (For family use only) Thank you very much, Evie Edworthy

By Evie Edworthy
On 11/10/2015

My Aunt Win Jolley nee Seaman worked in the St Chads Road shop certainly in the fifties may even the late forties as a cashier in the the little booth by the counter!

By David Seaman
On 13/10/2015

Sorry for taking so long to respond to your posts. I'm afraid I don't know who the men in the photo are, David nor do I know the date of the photo. It has a postcard back but no details of the publishers. As it wasn't postally used there is no postmark to give a clue as to the date. Certainly you may copy it Evie, but sorry I can't give you any more information.

By Hazel Dolling
On 08/01/2016