Tilbury Band Parade

St. Chad's Road

By Annie O'brien

These photos were given by Andy Reynolds. Note the doctor's house in the small photo just being built! Anyone know which year this would be?

Photo:Carnival Parade down St. Chad's Road

Carnival Parade down St. Chad's Road

Photo:Tiblury Band playing and marching down St. Chad's Road and the Tilbury Band coming into Civic Square.

Tiblury Band playing and marching down St. Chad's Road and the Tilbury Band coming into Civic Square.

This page was added by Annie O'Brien on 19/02/2013.
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Looking at the top picture and assuming the Barclays Bank building then became Davis the Chemist it would appear it was taken from my Grandfathers shop upstairs window. Diagonally opposite to the Bank on the corner of Calcutta Road and Montreal Road.The year would suggest late forties early fifties.

By David Seaman
On 21/02/2013

And opposite Barclays there was a sweet trader who was known to me and all my mates as Mr Gaffy or Gaffy's. Needless to say we used to have some fun with his stall on a Saturday morning after having been to "Bug Hutch". Say no more!

By Barry Banks
On 21/02/2013

And you are the real David Seaman. Hope you are well.

By Barry Banks
On 21/02/2013

The doctor' who had the house was called Dr Dunlope he came from stevinson ave he was a great doctor

By elaine holmes
On 06/03/2013

The year is 1948 and part of the carnival

By andy reynolds
On 07/03/2013

I lived at number 52 of the terrace of houses far right of picture. At the end of our terrace was a green grocers, butchers, sweet shop and Beckleys the grocers. There was a coop shop almost opposite. The half house at the this end of the terrace was a boot menders can't remember name. Also next to Gaffys Was a shop called the cabin. Happy days!

By E Fairman
On 16/03/2013

At the other end to Gaffys was Dolly Coles she had a cabin before she moved into the shop in Commonwealth House. she sold everythink for ladys like blouses dresses under garments and more

By Elaine Holmes
On 17/03/2013

I also remember the second hand market on the corner where I used to love looking at the old books, I remember a very large bible with locking clips. I loved the pictures in the Jehovah Witness books still do.

By Ted Fairman
On 04/10/2013

Realise these photos have been up for quite a while now, but I am genuinely impressed with these.  As Band Archivist and Assistant Secretary for The Tilbury Band I'd be really grateful for some high resolution scans (or loan of originals) of any photos you have of the Band as we're trying to make sure we've got a good history of the Band set up for the website and also in our hall.

I've got quite a few 'elderly' photos of the Band that I'm intending to put on line on this site to help promote the Band and, hopefully, provoke some positive memories.  Again, if anyone reading this has any artefacts regarding the Band, we'd love to hear from you - you can contact us through the Band website (I'm avoiding putting email addresses in posts to avoid spam).


By Greg White
On 23/02/2014

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