Tilbury Dockers Cricket Team

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By Annie O'brien

This is a photo of the Tilbury Dockers Cricket team approx 1950. Some names are:Top row - Ted Thompson ? ? ? ?Bottom row - Bert Avery ? ? Len Hockley
The smaller photo with the children has no names so can you help with this?

This page was added by Annie O'Brien on 19/02/2013.
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Wonder, if possible, anyone could recognize those included within the small photo (I myself to the right, one of the little girls). Long time ago say approx. late 40's btw my father, Ted Thompson, is part of the "Dockers" team. Sandra Adcock

By Sandra Adcock (nee Thompson)
On 16/03/2013

I think top first right was Tom Cloak . Then bottom second right look's like Bill Stevens Elaine nee [ Templeman ]

By Elaine Holmes
On 20/03/2013

Top Photo, Top Row. 3rd from left is Charlie Mann (my late uncle) and 4th from left John Cantwell.

By George Richardson
On 25/05/2013

To add a few names to the photo back row 2nd from the left is my brother Peter Taylor, far right of the back row is my brother in law Albert Tyson and sitting in the front row between Bert Avery and Bill Stevens is John Brownlie Albert is also in the small photo at the front with I think is his daughter Pauline

By Roger Taylor
On 28/10/2013

Can anyone identify the locations (Grounds) in the images or know where they played their games. I'm especially interested in any grounds/pitches in Tilbury other than the daisy field. Somewhere on here, there's mention of a cricket pitch along or near Dock Road. I know that before the Adelaide Road estate was built, there were a couple of playing field that ran along in front of Sexton Road. Was there ever cricket played there?

By Dave Thompson
On 19/10/2015