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Tilbury Hammers

By Audrey` Richards

Cycle Speedway first came to Thurrock in the late 1940's started by my husband Jack Richards. Bluey Waterman and the Byford brothers Steve and Bill were stalwarts of the Club as well. Does anyone remember who else rode for the Hammers? I believe their track was over by "the engine sheds". Sadly Jack died in 1997 but often spoke about the club with great affection

This page was added by Audrey Richards nee Carter on 21/12/2012.
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My late Brother-in-law Alan Wood from Cowper Avenue was a keen cycle speedway rider who I believe rode for Thurrock Cycle Speedway Club and then later maybe for Tilbury Hammers. I used to go with my Sister Shirley many times to spectate. Happy days.

By Barry Banks
On 24/12/2012

Jack was my brother-in-Law when I lost my dad he was my mentor he meant so much to me, he became my dad and I thank him for it. he persuaded me to try it which I did. First time I did, crashed when getting up to straighten the handle bars, a block by the name of Gearge Siddens smashed into me both fork of the bike smashed into my shins Jack took me to tilbury hospital where I had 5 stitches in each leg Happy Days.

By Sammy Carter
On 24/12/2012

my father Robert Waterson was the gentleman you are reffering to as Bluey Waterman, Bluey was his nickname, but Waterman was another tilbury family,, my great grandfather was mayor of tilbury about the 1930-40 and had the road in chadwell st mary named after him, Waterson Rd, i have all my fathers photos of when the spedway was first set up in a field possiable where tilbury football club now stands

By christine iveson,,, nee waterson
On 19/01/2013

I'm sorry Christine I got Dad's name wrong I remembered after I posted. Would it be possible somehow for you to email the photos ours were all lost in the flood

By Audrey Richards
On 21/01/2013

my dad took me to cycle speed way in the late sixtys

By micki earey
On 13/02/2013

i think the track was at the back of where the fair ground is now it had a little tea hut a guy named ian beal was captin or manager not sure which.and i remember busby the coal man rode cant remeber is first name .his brother les rode for england and my old school friend dave beatle was captain of scotland both when rideing for tilbury the trck moved up to blackshot in the early 70s remember my dad winning a big bowl of fruit in one of the raffles happy days

By micki earey
On 14/02/2013

hi ,im the youngest of Robert watersons 4 children,my dads half brother larry marshall of chadwell st mary has many of the old speedway photos,i have a 10 min cinny film and one copy of it on vhs,i will did them out and see if I can get it put on dvd sadly our dad Robert waterson died in 2002 at 67 yrs and our mum rose waterson in 1984 at 49 yrs,roberts mum was Gladys waterson then remarried marshall her maiden name was Lawson,she had sister dorathy Lawson,a spinster known by everyone in tilbury back then,gladys died in 1989 and dorathy couple of years before,they lived in brennan road during the war and in the 80s new houses behind the fire station,they moved to chadwell st mary early 1980s

By jean cannon nee waterson
On 08/09/2013

Due to family commitments and a big move to Lincolnshire I have not been able to send photos,,, I check what photos I have kept and try and get them sent,, my other sisters Jean and Dawn my have most of them and perhaos Larry Marshall may have some

By Christine Iveson nee Waterson
On 30/08/2015

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