Memories of the Blitz in Tilbury?

Bombs falling on the docks

By Lea Cornthwaite

I found this great view from a German bomber as it drops bombs aimed at the docks. The Anchor Field is clearly visible. My nan lived in Northview Avenue during the Blitz and spent lots of her time in the Anderson shelter in the garden. Any other memories?

Photo:Bombs on Tilbury

Bombs on Tilbury

This page was added by Lea C on 09/08/2012.
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What an amazing photo!! Thanks so much for sharing it on the website.

By Annie O'brien
On 15/08/2012

My father grew up on Gainsborough Avenue during the war, lost his best friend to a direct hit to a shelter, remembers the daisy fields being full of servicemen on their way to the front and being shunted from school to school around the area.

By Damian
On 14/12/2012

What is also clearly visible is the distinctive outline of Tilbury Fort in the centre of the photo. The fort was hit during one of these raids and the soldiers' barracks, hospital and married officers' houses all destroyed (or damaged and later demolished).

By Kevin Diver
On 22/09/2013

My Dad said that a bomb was dropped on Lansdowne school and destroyed a big chunk of it near where the "caretakers house" was in the 1970's - the section where a garden extended into the playgrounds. In the late 60's and 70's there was a prefab building next to this house and that was built to replace the destroyed section of the school he used to tell me. 

The school also had a mega sized bomb shelter out the back on the edge of the football field, that was knocked down when they built the Adelaide Rd estate in 73/74.


By Dave Thompson
On 20/01/2014

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