The Gem

Sweet shop

By Steve Cox

Does anyone have any photos of the Gem Sweet shop that was in Calcutta Road. I live there, but its been modified into a house, I would love to see what this used to look like. I have seen the census records of 1911 and that there were a few more houses attached, I assume these were destroyed during ww2.

This page was added by Steve Cox on 16/02/2014.
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 I can remember going to the Gem on several occasions usually before Saturday morning pictures You could buy a very watery drink for 1d 

By Terry Clark
On 22/02/2014

I can remember the gem when we would walk to school  landsdowne infants and juniors but before we got into school we always went in and  add a glass of pop of your cholce something we looked forward to 

By Darrell Turner
On 06/05/2014

I also remember the gem went in before school (st marys) buyin what looked like small pieces of tree bark it was called liccorice wood Couldn't have done me any harm still got all my own teeth at 753

By marji malt
On 09/05/2014

Used to call into the Gem on my way to Landsdown Road School to spend my daily penny on sweets. What a treasure it was.

By Frederick Wood
On 08/07/2014

can anyone remember the layout of the shop? did it have a separate entrance for the house part?

By steve cox
On 16/09/2014

The Gem was at one time owned by Brenda Austin and was run by her son Steve and his wife Francis Tripp.

By steve
On 23/12/2015