Scott Road, Chadwell

Street party to celebrate end of ww2

By Carl Hammond

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This photo belonged to my late step father. He was William Smith. He is in the photo as are his dad and mum (Claire Smith and Alec Smith) as well as his two sisters (Doreen and Eileen Smith). It also includes his friend Jack Axford, Beryl Meed and Mr and Mrs Jenkins.

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Couldn't make out the faces on the photo but my Grandparents lived at 60 Scott Road and I spent  a lot of my younger childhood playing in their WW2 shelter, Beryl Mead mentioned was my Aunt (Mums Sister)

By Steve Bass
On 17/03/2016

steve bass my step auntie eileen smith went to school with your auntie beryl 

By Carl Hammond
On 18/09/2017