LONDON SAMPSON floating crane.

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Jack Willis

By Jack Willis

The PLA floating crane LONDON SAMPSON in Tilbury.  Along the berth is the Chinese ship LUO FU SHAN.

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The floating crane barge LONDON SAMSON (built in the Netherlands; 1075 tons gross), joined the Port of London Authority fleet in 1963 and was used mainly in the Royal Docks and Tilbury. Powered by diesel-electric machinery, and 54.9 metres in length, the vessel stayed with the PLA until 1991, when it was sold to a firm in the West Country. Three years later it went to Devonport Management Ltd for service in HM Dockyard, Devonport. In 1997 it ceased to be used as a crane, and I am not sure if the vessel still exists.

By Roger Jordan
On 15/07/2014

If anyone is interested in this vessel I served on it for in excess of 15 years so may be able to assist with information required for historical purposes.tyst

By Roy Oneill
On 14/08/2015

hello ROY     I would be very interested in hearing of any activities you can recall regarding the LONDON SAMSON.     Have you any photographs ?    Regards JACK WILLIS    

By Jack Willis
On 19/08/2015

Did anyone remember my dad Charles Stewart who worked on floating cranes for the PLA

By Ken Stewart
On 11/07/2017

Is the wreck off the coast of Ireland the same Samson that was owned by the PLA

By Ken Stewart
On 11/07/2017

It's still in Devonport Dockyard now called Devon Samson. Owened by Bacock Marine. 

By Phil
On 06/08/2017

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