Coronation street party

Photo:Coronation street party in  Burns Place

Coronation street party in Burns Place

Burns Place

By John Matthews

This page was added by John Matthews on 28/03/2014.
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What a great picture this is the street where I was born I can pick out my Dad George also my Aunt Mary Uncle Sid and my cousins Carol & Bob can not see my brother or mum in the picture but will study it a bit closer.i would have been 1 so I am not sure if I am the baby at the front but the lady holding the baby dose not look like my mum

By Michael Cox
On 29/03/2014

Great picture.

By Barry Banks
On 30/03/2014

My husband is the little boy with the sad face sitting on a lap next to the lady with the baby, his grandparents lived at no 1 Mr & Mrs Tindale, my family didn't move into Burns Place until about 2 or 3 years later, which is when I met my future husband for the first time, and no we weren't childhood sweethearts....we lived at no 27 and my maiden name was Hollands.

By Kathryn opie
On 12/05/2014