Chadwell-St-Mary. Working mens club

Off to the races.

By Charles Blake

The annual trip to the races, usually on a Bill Watts coach. Never won much but a good time was had by all.

Those faces I can remember are.

Jimmy Edbrook. Jack Richards. Charlie Blake. Colin Edbrook. Ray Nottage. Dave Friend. Malcom Shaw. Pat McBride. Freddie Ryder. Bill Yates. Dave Drum. Another McBride?. Paddy A'Hern. Mr Edbrook. Graham Elder. Rod Elder. Dave Jevons. Alec McCarthy. and Bill Watts.

Perhaps someone can remember the others or correct if I have any wrong. 

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This page was added by Charles Blake on 15/05/2014.
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As I have had no comments about this photo since November last year, is it because I am the only one still alive.

Any information would be appreciated.

By Charles Blake
On 15/05/2014

I am Jack Richards wife Jack died in 1997 and David Javens died in 2001. Sorry can't help with anyone else

By Audrey Richards
On 17/05/2014

Thanks Audrey, hopefully someone else comes up with more information. Gordon Richards the plumber who I worked with for some years in Tilbury docks, is he still with us.

Also do you know Charlie Cole from Tilbury, my best man, I would like to know his whereabouts. Thank you.

By Charles Blake
On 24/05/2014

My father Gordon Richards is still with us and a resident at the Grapecroft Care home.

By Trevor Richards
On 07/06/2014

Thank you Trevor for your reply.

By Charles Blake
On 08/06/2014

Sorry to intrude, but wondered if anyone recalls my Parents who ran the working Mens Club around 1955 when I was born there!! Cyril and Rose Lang any information would be greatfully recieved. Perhaps you where a customer around that time?

By Steve Lang
On 05/11/2014

Yes Graham Elder is still with us as is Dave Drum I know Graham lives in Coringham don't know about Drummy


By Sammy Carter
On 22/11/2014

Hi: don't know anything about the photo but it brought back memories of the Chadwell Working man's club. My father-in-law Jim Brown ran  their Christmas club during the 40s and 50s and worked as a Tally Clerk (hope that's the right name) at the docks until his retirement and my mother-in-Law Win worked at Batas  in Tilbury. They lived in Chadwell from 1930 until the late 60s. My sister-in-law had her wedding reception at the club in 1958.

I also have a photo of my husband rowing the kids on the moat at Tilbury Fort. Taken in 1966 just before we left England.

By Shirley Brown
On 16/12/2014

Shirley, thanks for this memory. We'd love to have the photo of your husband rowing on the moat on our site.

By John Matthews
On 16/12/2014

I had the good fortune to play with the Tilbury boys briefly in 1962/3(I was 18).I think Eric King is sitting next to Alec McCarthy and Johnny Harrison is standing 3rd from the left. Ron is the other McBride.It would nice to know how any of the lads are.

Happy Days

Neil Clark

By Neil Clark
On 26/12/2014

Can anyone tell what year this photo was taken reminds me of "The Jolly Boys" outing in the classic comedy series only falls and horses

By paulknight
On 08/07/2015

This photo was taken in 1969, I am standing between Jack Richards and Colin Edbrook.

Charles Blake.

Western Australia.

By Charles Blake
On 10/07/2015

My uncle sid keely is bottom row 4th from left in the chequed shirt

By Danny Jackson
On 01/04/2017

The man in the red jumper bottom row bares a resemblance to my grandad jim jackson although i cannot confirm it is him. 

By Danny Jackson
On 01/04/2017