Celebrating At The Worlds End

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By Barry Banks

This is a picture of my Gran and Grandad having a drink or few at the Worlds End Pub. I am not sure when but suspect it is in the 50's.
From left to right: ? , ? , Uncle Albert Locke, Uncle Jack Smith, Aunt Dots Locke, Grandad Edward Locke, Gran Flo Locke, ?.

This page was added by Barry Banks on 03/06/2013.
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hello barry, i too have this photo of family at the worlds end pub. i think you are right and say it was taken in the 1950s, as i can remember it appearing in the household at that time. i always wondered who the other three people are, i also have some pictures of your family if you would like them, when they got married etc. from cousin john.

By John Smith
On 03/06/2013

John, Nice to hear from you. This is a copy of a picture that was loaned to me by Ivor. If you have any others I would be pleased to receive copies, say by e-mail if possible. I will also look through mine to see if there are any of mutual interest. I used to keep in touch with Dear Jean and I hope all your family are ok. Please pass on my good wishes when you next see them. Hope you are well.

By Barry Banks
On 06/06/2013

The gentleman far left is "Ralphie", I can't remember his last name, and the gentleman next to him is Ernie Gibbins.

By Ivor Foster
On 08/01/2016